The Best View of the Octagon

From undercards to title fights, UFC at Twin Peaks keeps the belt. Bring the whole team for a fight night experience that feels like you’re in the champ’s corner.

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The ultimate
UFC sports bar

Twin Peaks is a UFC experience fit for heavyweight champs. Toss back another 29° draft beer and catch every round on wall-to-wall TVs. Twin Peaks commits to showing every UFC match at every sports lodge around the nation. Catch the action with us and enjoy:

  • Best MMA Fight Night Experience
  • Occasional Fighter Appearances
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Sharable Bites
  • Twin Peaks Girls in UFC gear
  • Local Specials

UFC cocktails & food

Knock out your thirst

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Howler Head Banana Bourbon

Go bananas before the next round with Howler Head Banana Bourbon.

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José Cuervo

Kick the fight into gear with José Cuervo.

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Bud Light Bucket

Keep your corner refreshed with Bud Light Buckets.

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Happy Dad Bucket

Full send fight night with a Happy Dad Bucket for you and the boys.

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Everything you need to know about Twin Peaks relation with UFC

Twin Peaks restaurant shows every UFC fight in full on their wall-to-wall televisions. All UFC fights are broadcast across all their restaurants and sports lodges.

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Fight Night Views

Here’s a hint of what’s in store when you step in the octagon at Twin Peaks.